A new degree of sleep

Neuros™ improves sleep quality by introducing low levels of pulsed electrical stimulation to nerves in the face and neck. The Neuros electrical waveform suppresses the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous system resulting in reduced anxiety, increased relaxation and improved waking mood.

"100% Drug Free Sleep Improvement and Anxiety Relief"

Neuros Module

Neuros Module

The Neuros module is battery powered and paired via Bluetooth to the Neuros mobile application. It is placed on the forehead and is used to generate the Neuros sleep waveform.

Neuros Strip

Neuros Strip

A Neuros strip is connected to the Neuros module by snap connection. The reusable electrode strips are then placed on the face and neck with using adhesive hydrogel. Neuros strips contain proprietary technology to deliver the Neuros sleep electrical waveform to the trigeminal and cervical nerves.

Neuros App

Neuros Application

The Neuros app runs on iOS or Android mobile devices. It provides a user interface to adjust the output intensity and records data from each Neuros session which lasts 15 minutes.

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Technology, Safety and Clinical Efficacy

Neuros utilizes pulsed Transdermal Electrical Stimulation (pTES). TES uses low voltage electric current to modulate nerves in the skin.  When applied to the face and neck, pTES modulates trigeminal and cervical nerves which form pathways to regions of the brain involved in regulation of sleep and mood. Neuros delivers a maximum electrical voltage of 4 mA, representing an output level of approximately 1/10th of the current output of standard over-the-counter TENS devices.  An independent extended-use study involving 100 participants and over 1,800 Neuros sessions demonstrated side effects were equal to sham (no stimulation). Incidences of side-effects experienced by users such as headaches or other adverse events showed no difference than users who had experienced the “no stimulation” protocol. Over 2,500,000 minutes of use of this technology by customers in the United States supports the conclusion that Neuros is safe to use. Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that when compared to baseline and/or placebo, the use of Neuros resulted in significant reduction in anxiety, stress, drowsiness, number of wake-ups and morning amylase levels (p < 0.05).  Use of Neuros also resulted in significant increase in refreshment, overall sleep time and morning cortisol levels (p < 0.05).